Vendor Contract

     The Pleasant Valley Orchards & Flea Market intends to maintain a clean, attractive, and family oriented environment. The following rules and regulations are intended to benefit each and every dealer at the PVOFM. Any changes or additions to the rules will be posted and dealers notified.
      Each dealer is required to stay within your designated booth area. This is to protect you and other dealers items from possible theft or damage.
      One (1) vehicle per vending spot. All other vehicles must be parked in customer parking.

    Please do not play radios or other music so loud that it disturbs your neighbors. If you require use of a portable generator, a low-volume machine is required. Communicate with your neighbor. PLEASE TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED. Cooperate with your neighbors. This will save time, confusion, confrontations, and most importantly, make our market a pleasurable location to vend your goods and promote a long business relation with both PVOFM management and your vending neighbors.

No pets allowed in the building for safety measures. NO DOGS OR OTHER LIVE PETS ALLOWED EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED AREA. Due to firm health and safety concerns.

Monthly rental may be paid by cash or money order ONLY.

     Any dealer's products remaining in a booth after a 7 day period has expired on the space will automatically be placed in storage. PVOFM has the right to publicly auction the product to the public after 30 day time by way of auction. This process is to help recover any loss of expense or overdue payment the Flea Market has incurred plus a storage fee.

      Absolutely no food or drinks are to be sold without prior written consent from the management, (because of Health Department specifications). The sale of any alcoholic beverages or fireworks is prohibited without management consent/approval. Management also reserves the right to restrict the sale, display, or distribution of any objectionable printed material, photographs, films, books, etc. No guns and Knives can be sold on premises, on a regular bases, unless express written consent is obtained from management. The PVOFM does not condone the sale of counterfeit merchandise such as CD's, clothing, handbags, etc. and is not responsible for any penalties for sale of such merchandise.

      The PVOFM assumes no responsibility for any physical loss or damage at any time to the physical property of any dealer. Furthermore, PVOFM is under no obligation to provide mischief or general liability insurance for their personal property of any dealer, or for any claims for personal injury, or property damage in or about the spaces leased by a dealer. PVOFM recommends that each dealer carry his own content/renters insurance if the dealers feels it necessary.

     No dealer will be able to hold the PVOFM responsible for any loss, cost of expense, including reasonable attorney fees and cost. Dealer will be responsible for liability of any damage to person(s) or property resulting or occurring within the occupancy of a space operated by such dealer, or for any requirements and provisions of the operating rules.

      Outlets are provided for the inside booths. If extension cords are necessary, you must use heavy duty cords for safety and in a limited amount. the safety of the customers and vendors always comes first when using any type of extension cords or ropes. Dealers requiring large amounts of electricity may be charged accordingly. (No heaters of any type will be permitted without written permission of PVOFM management).
No remodeling or electircal work is to be done without written approval by PVOFM management. all partitions, walls, counters, lighting or building improvements etc. that are attached to the building shall be considered as lease hold improvements unless they can be removed without damage to the original structures. If changes can not be removed without damage, all changes become the property of the PVOFM when space is vacated. No holes will be permitted in concrete. Walls must not exceed 8 feet in height.

Trash must be disposed of in assigned areas provided. Boxes must be broken down, separated from the trash and removed daily by the vendor. Failure to dispose of trash properly will result in a $15.00 service fee on your next entry. This is to keep the Pleasant Valley Orchards Flea Market presentable and attractive.

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